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General Information

CVRN objectives include:

The Cardiovascular Research Network (CVRN), initially sponsored by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI), is a national collaborative and resource that will leverage expertise, populations, and data sources from a consortium of currently 14 geographically diverse health plans (11 million members) in the United States with integrated research divisions. Our overall goals are to:

  • Provide more robust cardiovascular disease and related health care surveillance data than currently available
  • Promote research on clinical practice and quality of care
  • Enable assessment of new diagnostic and therapeutic technologies and clinical guidelines on cardiovascular disease and risk factor incidence, prevalence, clinical management, and patient outcomes over time
  • Facilitate research on determinants of disease for uncommon disease phenotypes
  • Create opportunities for interested non-network researchers to collaborate with CVRN investigators on high-priority cardiovascular issues
  • Promote research on determinants of disease for uncommon disease phenotypes

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