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Publication Policy



Current CVRN guidelines require that all papers from the CVRN research program be reviewed by a designated CVRN representative. This review must occur before submission for review by a scientific journal or other source of publication. The CVRN publication guidelines may be downloaded from the CVRN website. Anyone planning to write a CVRN paper should read the policy before starting. The procedures presented here will be used in performing its review.

All accepted abstracts will also be reviewed. Abstracts and draft presentations should be submitted for review at least 10 business days prior to the date of presentation.

Submission of manuscripts and accepted abstracts for review

Manuscripts, accepted abstracts, and draft presentations should be submitted to the Research Console.

Review criteria

Reviewers designated by the Executive Committee will review manuscripts to ensure that the following binding criteria are met:

  • The Project PI has approved the paper.
  • Each health plan name and research center name appear according to the site PI's preference.
  • Clear affiliation with the CVRN is acknowledged and adequately described. CVRN affiliated projects are expected to include the following sentence in the methods section: "This study was conducted within the Cardiovascular Research Network, a consortium of research organizations affiliated with the HMO Research Network and sponsored by the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI) (U19 HL91179-01)."
  • No conflicts with other CVRN papers or writing groups.
  • No serious or major scientific flaws in study design or data interpretation.
  • With respect to the last point, the reviewers may provide content feedback and suggestions for the authors, but these comments generally will not influence the decision to approve or disapprove the manuscript. However, if the Committee believes that the manuscript contains flaws in methodology or interpretation of data that are sufficiently serious that they reflect negatively on the scientific integrity of the CVRN, then the manuscript will be disapproved. If the author disagrees with this disapproval, the issue and decision may be discussed with the CVRN Steering Committee for resolution.

Review Duration

The reviewers will make every effort to review papers, accepted abstracts, and draft presentations within 10 business days of receipt.


As stated above in the CVRN Publications Guidelines, decisions of the reviewers can be appealed to the Steering Committee.

Key Contacts

Routine communications should be sent to the CVRN Project Director, Sue Hee Sung (). An additional contact is the CVRN Director ().

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