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New CVRN Collaboration Proposal 

Investigators are welcome to propose collaborative research projects with the CVRN. Current CVRN member organizations and site contacts appear on the list below. For questions about submitting a CVRN proposal, contact the Project Director, Sue Hee Sung  (, 510-891-3476). For questions about designing a CVRN study, please contact a CVRN Executive Committee member.

Requests for CVRN approval must be sent to the CVRN at least 4 weeks before submission to a funding agency. This allows time for review by the CVRN Steering Committee. New Project Proposals may be submitted online through the Research Console.

Contacts regarding policy and submission:

CVRN Executive Committee, Members
Alan S. Go, M.D., Chair
David Magid, M.D.
Jerry H. Gurwitz, M.D.
CVRN Project Director
Sue Hee Sung, MPH

Please contact a CVRN site representative if you have not contacted a researcher at a CVRN site with whom you would like to collaborate.  Below are primary contacts for each CVRN Member Site:

CVRN Site: Site Principal Investigator E-mail Address
Fallon/Meyers Primary Care Jerry Gurwitz, MD
Group Health Cooperative Katherine Newton, PhD
HealthPartners Karen Margolis, MD
Henry Ford Health System Andrea Cassidy-Bushrow, PhD, MPH
Kaiser Permanente Colorado David Magid, MD, MPH
Kaiser Permanente Northern California Alan Go, MD
Kaiser Permanente Northwest David Smith, RPh, MHA, PhD
Kaiser Permanente Southern California Kristi Reynolds, PhD, MPH
Marshfield Clinic Jeffrey VanWormer, PhD
Scott and White Catherine McNeal, MD, PhD