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Collaboration Process

New project proposals may be submitted by the investigators within the CVRN or by investigators without a prior relationship with the CVRN. To submit a proposal for collaboration please fill out our form, which can be found here.

Investigators are welcome to propose collaborative research projects with the CVRN. For questions about submitting a CVRN proposal, contact the Project Director, Sue Hee Sung (510-891-3476)

CVRN New Project Proposal Guidelines

A new CVRN project proposal is one that leverages patients and/or information from participating CVRN sites, and which differs from or adds to the aims of existing, funded CVRN projects. It is anticipated that a typical new project proposal will propose to:

  1. Analyze existing CVRN project datasets;
  2. Extract and analyze new data elements from CVRN health system existing electronic health records
  3. Conduct new primary data collection from patients at CVRN sites for an observational study; or
  4. Perform a clinical trial at the patient, provider or health system level.


All new projects will require external funding. Examples include studies funded by investigator-initiated NIH research awards (e.g., RO1s), and grants from academic institutions or private sources (e.g., private foundations or industry sources). Any new project must have sufficient funding to cover the costs incurred by the relevant CVRN cores and individual participating CVRN sites, as well as any expenses incurred from external sources (e.g., research laboratories, imaging, etc.). Project proposals must obtain CVRN approval before submission to a funding agency.

Contact Information

Director: Alan S. Go, MD

Project Director: Sue Hee Sung
Phone: 510-891-3476

Site Administrator: Elisha Garcia
Phone: 510-891-3493